My dog, Star, was introduced to you, but I didn’t tell you how she came to live with me. The beginning really started with another dog named Teddy – which happens to be my eldest son’s name. Although the owner told me about Teddy’s aggressiveness I chose to not hear her. One look and I was in love with that gorgeous animal. Needless to say, the nine months I had him was hair-raising.

He got into fights with other dogs in the community and hurt two of them. I also got hurt (never told my children) by just trying to stop the fights. Neighbors came running. The police were called. The police person was a woman and you could see the fear on her face when she came to the door. Teddy laid down while we were talking and she was surprised. I invited her in while we finished our talk and she remarked about how good he was. What she didn’t know was that he was an angel… but only in the house.

We went away for the summer that year. I convinced myself it would be different. It wasn’t. He got into three fights. This time no one was hurt. But I had had it. When we got home I called and told the former owner that I had to bring him back. She understood and came to get him herself.

It took most of the year to rid myself of feelings, both good and bad. I did the best I could and loved him madly. I also knew I was foolish for thinking I could handle him or change him. Who did I think I was?

It took almost the whole next year for me to realize I wanted another dog. I looked in a few places but those dogs were not the right ones. I went to the Broward Humane Society online. One dog interested me because of her description, but there was no picture of her. This time I wanted a gentle female. I was told that Star was being hosted at someone’s house and the lady would bring her the next morning.

I had mixed feelings as I drove there. Was she the right one? Or was I going to have trouble again? Star didn’t make the decision easy. The hostess told me she gets overexcited but quickly settles down. And she did get excited. She was all over me and my son, and jumped all over the small room we were in. I must admit that what sold me was the fact that she was brought into the Humane Society on my birthday! For me, that was a sign that is was meant to be.

It was one of the best things I ever did.

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