My dog star’s first five minutes in my house.

I introduced you to Star a while ago. If you missed it hop over to my site. She is a rescue dog from the Humane Society. My son was with me when we went to see her. She was overly excited to be with humans again and not on a leash. She jumped all over , kissed us, and jumped all over us again.It didn’t matter what she did. She was brought in on my birthday and I decided she was mine.

We filled out the paper work and put her in the back seat. She was quiet all the way home. I took her into the house and took off her leash. My grand kids were there. Star went to the back of the living room near the sliding back door to the patio. She would not sit. I went to get some water and I hear loud yelling. Look at what she did! Then they all laughed.

I ran back to find she pooped all over my rug. And I mean all over. The kids just sat there as I cleaned pile after pile and threw it in the toilet. When I finally sat down all I could think was what did I do? Did I make a big mistake?

I was to find out that she has a delicate stomach. The vet gave her two antibiotic shots and it never happened again. Did I just make a mistake by saying that? Okay, go ahead laugh.

Just to let you know she is the best – sweet, gentle, loving – and one of the best things that happened to me. If you were taken away from where you were, thrown in a strange car with strange people, then taken into a strange house you might need to poop too.

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