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I am different from both the boys and the girls and don’t get along with them. They think something is wrong with me. I think it’s them. The real problem is that they don’t like me or are they afraid of me? I get very lonely with no on one to play with or talk to. We don’t have schools like you do and even if we did, girls can’t go. It’s not allowed. I don’t know why. If I was grown up I would try to change that.

I can’t even have a pet like you do. The word pet has not been invented yet. We have animals, sheep and lambs, but they are to barter for something we need to have or to eat. Also we are lucky that our sheep are special. They have the whitest wool to make all kinds of things on Ima’s loom and Abba can barter that for something.

The fact is that though I am young I am busy all day with chores. Nothing is easy here. We all have gardens to grow our own food and there are also terraces where we grow other things. I hardly have any time to have fun. Not that there is anything to do here that is fun. It is work, work, work, from sun-up to sun down. Sometimes it is downright boring.

Here we go again. This time it is Abba who is calling. When I finish with that my ima, my mother will find something else for me to do.

Please forgive me for having only a few moments to talk to you. As you can see time is precious.

Bye. I’ve got to run.


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