How to help Hypoglycemia

THE DIET; Whole grains (especially the high protein like quinoa or millet) combined with salads, sprouts, avocados, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and between meals, fruits and once or twice a week, (no more, for it’s high in fat, and clogs colon,) raw, whole milk or milk products like home-made yogurt as all of these things are storage receptacles for solar energy and fountains of mysterious vital curative powers which we call vitamins.

And if you can get a 30$ juicer at the discount store, let’s add raw juiced celery, carrots, parsley, beet mixtures.


It will be the adventure of your lifetime. Your Veggie Burger will be succulent. Your sandwich spread made of sesame and garbanzo, (called ‘hummus’ in the middle East), will be tasty, thrilling and make you the talk of the town. Your party meals of savory veggie casseroles served with green salads will make your pals swoon. You will start a food co-op, a baking circle, a veggie social club and common garden and through all these fun, new activities meet other higher minded people.

Plus, these foods require less trips to the grocery, take the same time as meat cookery, and can be stored easily and unfrozen at time of need. They are all ‘from scratch’ hence less costly than supermarket food. Lastly, you get 6 meals a day, not 3.

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