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Does your mother beat you? Mine does. Most of the mothers here do. Don’t they know how much it hurts? My Ima hits me with a broom made from branches and leaves. That hurts so much when the broken branches stick into my skin and make me bleed. Ima seems to think that it’s all right to do that. Sometimes I can’t stand up straight when she finishes. Why is she so mean? Am I such a bad girl?

I try hard to please her but it never seems to work. Even my father ignores what she does and never says a word to stop her. I would run away but there is no place to go. And being out in the wilderness is dangerous and scary. Besides the animals can eat you, and there are bandits everywhere. I would never want to meet one of them. The men here caught one a long time ago. He was trying to steal whatever he could. They beat him until he couldn’t stand up and threw him out of the village even though he was bleeding all over the place. I don’t think he is still alive. Probably eaten by the animals.

Whoops. Gotta go and get the flour made for the day’s food. Hate doing this. The grinding with a flat rock makes my hands hurt really bad.


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