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My parents keep telling me I’m stupid and for the first time I think they are right. I was working in the fields with my brother, Nathan, and Ima forgot to bring the libation. I was so thirsty I went to the stream and had only the smallest sip.

By the evening I was writhing in pain. My stomach was angry. For the first part of the night I hardly slept. Then the explosion threatened and I ran out of the hut as far as I could. I spent the rest of the night there while my stomach emptied out everything I ever ate in my whole life.

I should have known better. I did know better. They told me, they warned me. But I was too lazy to go back to the hut. When will I learn? How many mistakes do I have to make? Why am I so lazy?

I do not have any answers right now. I take that back. I did learn one thing. I will never drink from the spring. Never Again.

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