I Apologize

I started this blog by telling you a number of different things, but told you nothing about me – that’s what the name of my blog infers I will do.

As you know or have surmised I was a psychologist for thirty years which I loved doing, and am soon to be an author – but there is so much more. I had so many different jobs or careers, or whatever you want to call them that I want to name my second book “It Was One Helluva Ride.”

I was born and bred in New York City, the Bronx, to be exact and as was expected, I married at eighteen and had three children, two boys and a girls. What was not expected was my divorcing my husband after eighteen years of marriage. Divorce was a dirty word back then and brought shame to the whole family.

I took a job as a bookkeeper in a candy factory to supplement the alimony I was getting. What I really wanted was to sing opera. I did a number of performances with different companies and wanted to do more. But on my own with three children…

I got bored with the same numbers day after day and pictured myself years in the future doing the same thing. Not what I loved. I managed to find a few places to sing and that gave me the courage to quit the factory. Singing jobs were few and did not pay a lot so I decided to audition for the extra chorus with the New York City Opera Company. I knew the man doing the audition from jobs I did with him. My singing went well. Usually the auditioner does not talk to the person standing in front of him. He surprised me by saying, “What are you doing here? You are a soloist.”

“I am still a mother and now divorced. I need the money,” I replied

I held back my tears until I was out of the room.  You can’t be a soloist if you do chorus work. I had to feed my kids. That dream was over.

PS:  Next time I’ll add a photo. Right now I’m on a cruise celebrating my daughter’s birthday.

Have a Great Day!!

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