All I Do is Apologize.

IMG_0513 - Copy

This time it is my parents. They are at it again. Abba and Ima are fighting. Not just fighting but screaming at each other. Screaming so loud the the entire village hears them.

They embarrass me. Is it not bad enough that I have problems with the villagers? Do they have to cause more discomfort? They do it at almost every sunrise and all I want to do is hide. But of course, I cannot. I have to stand there and listen until they finish.

I guess I would not care if they were quieter. They say I embarrass them but never consider how their fights affect me. The other kids hear it and taunt me all day. They are mean and make me wish I could run away and hide or live somewhere else. But, I am stuck where I am.  

I apologize for having to write about all this bad stuff but that is what my days, my life is about. That is how it goes. I must admit it makes me sad and I cry a lot. Not where my parents can see or hear, but in some far corner. Usually after a whole day of grinding the flour when I want to play my harp.

That’s how it is.

From now on I will try hard to talk to you on Tuesdays every week. That is if Ima does not find more chores for me to do.

Please help me understand if there is a way to feel better about my life. I swear that sometimes I just want to end it all.





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