Swimming with Stingrays

I just got back home from a cruise to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It’s great to get home and feel relaxed and ready to tackle all the social media.

One of the tours they offered was to Grand Cayman where we were invited to swim with the stingrays. At first I looked at where I had to climb and said, “No Way!” We were on a boat and had to go down steep steps that were wet and slippery and then put ourselves in danger with a stingray.

But as I saw others laughing and enjoying themselves I changed my mind. One of the men in charge helped me down the steps and off I went swimming into high waves in every direction where I was tossed from one side to another. Salt water in my eyes and nose, I kept going and was I glad.


I swam to my family and we were encouraged by one of the deckhands to touch the stingray he held in his hands. Others who were around backed off, but I went for it. The skin was lovely, very soft, and the fish was docile. I ran my hand all over its skin and then the guy suggested I kiss it. Me? Kiss a stingray? Am I nuts? Yes. I was. I kissed it twice and my lips felt as if I kissed a human.

The whole experience was amazing and I would do it again in a second. One lady said. “You are my idol. The only reason I went into the water is because you did it first. Thanks.”

I’m back home and doing wash, unpacking, etc. I’m glad to be home with my dog Star (I did not name her, she is a rescue dog, and believe me, she is a Star) and my son who will be living with me until he finds a place of his own.

I am also getting back to work.

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