I Want To Scream Help!

scream for help

Some of you may remember a short post I did way back when I first got my dog, Star. For those who didn’t see it – or forgot, I’ll give you a short recap.

Star was a rescue dog and one of the reasons I chose her was that she came into the Broward Humane Society on my birthday. It may sound silly but for me it was a sign that she was the one. My son and I walked her and put her in the car. We drove home and when I opened the door my grandson and his wife were there.

I brought Star in. She looked around, she was frightened, something I did not realize at the time. Were there too many people in this new place? She sat down on the rug and proceeded to poop all over it.

I cleaned it up, with no other help of course, and was concerned. Is this what I was going to deal with?

After almost a year, she turned out to be the most loving, gentle, and smart dog I ever had. She is a pleasure to have and I love her madly.

Why am I bringing this up? I wrote a book. Three hundred pages, that was the easy part. I am now trying to learn social media.

I’ve done a bit but feel like it’s another disaster, like Star was at the beginning. I have some followers, some who go to my website and read but do not leave comments. I get scared like Star did when I brought her home. I’m still not doing it right. How will I learn?

How will I connect with people online and be part of a community? I live alone with my dog and would love to make friends.

Like Star, it will take more time and I hope that people in the know will help me out. I want to do it, do it right, be successful. I know it will happen if I keep trying. I hope it will not take too much longer.

Thanks for listening.

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