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Why is my mother so mean? I’ve seen other girl do bad things. Scream and cry and lie. I guess my mother wants me to be perfect. But she never tells me how.

I love my Abba and my Ima, but I am not sure Ima loves me. Sometimes she does something nice. Makes me a special treat, usually on my day of birth. Or a new tunic. Is it because there is too much work for her to do? I try to help as best I can. But it is never good enough.

I have an idea. Maybe I should do something nice for her. A  gift. Something. But what?

I will sneak some flour when I finish grinding and make her a special cake with dried grapes. She loves dried grapes. That will make it all better.

I look at the sky. The rains are coming. That means no cakes from the tabun until it stops. Sometimes the rain goes on and on for many suns. There is no choice. I must grind the flour Ima needs first. When I am done I will see if I can make her present.

I am so excited to do a nice thing for my Ima. And sorry I did not think of it sooner. Does that make me bad?

A gift for no reason. I wonder what she will say when I hand it to her.

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