It worked and I learned

IMG_0513 - Copy


I am so happy. It worked. I made three cakes and decorated them for Ima. She ate one after each meal. I watched her down them with the biggest smile on my face. And you’ll never guess what happened next.

She was kinder to me for the next three suns. Did not yell at me as much, showed me how to grind better, and we actually laughed together once. She still did not allow me to play my harp, but that did not ruin the enjoyment I had. Did three cakes make the difference? Or what really happened.

I figured out that for the first time I gave something to Ima and she gave something back to me. Giving to someone is a way to receive something from them. What a thought, what a lesson. I must not forget.

One more thing. If you speak to my mother please do not say anything about the boy, the one I thought might want to marry me. It will only make her angry and disappointed again. I am twelve seasons of growth, have my monthly flow, but no man has the least interest in me. That makes me want to cry.

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