More On PTSD Here is another way PTSD interferes with my life. I get up in the morning and check emails. That goes well until I see that there are three or four offers for help in the direction I need, which is social media. I click on all of them and set up my day. But it’s not that easy. How will I do them all when I have to walk my dog, work on my book, pay the bills, and grocery shop for dinner. Normally this would not be a problem. But as all this goes through my head, my body reacts. My shoulders tighten, my stomach turns over, a headache starts, my breathing quickens, my fingers don’t want to type the right letters, And, I am a mess. I try calming myself in all the ways I know how to do, from slow breathing to stretching exercises. In the end, none of it works. The worst part is that it stays with me for the entire day. It refuses to go away. It continues to wreak havoc with my day and my life. And I am left a dishrag trying to move on with my life until I climb into bed and fall asleep exhausted. The next day I find that all the things I wanted to listen to were forgotten. PTSD wins. Every time.

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