Things are getting worse.

I was called before the council three times in the past four moons. They are very angry. I think they will banish me. If they do, how will I survive? I’m young and have never been anywhere but here and I’ve heard many stories of bandits who rape and kill for no reason. Where will I go? I do not know of any other places except Urusalim, of course. Everyone knows about that big city. How can I get there?

IMG_0513 - Copy


I know I am going on and on but I can’t figure out what to do or how to do it. If they banish me I may never see my family again. Never feel safe again. My head is in a tangle and I can’t straighten it out. Not even my brother can help me. He knows so much more than I do because he is a boy and gets taught all kinds of things. 

I am shaking so much I can’t write anymore. 

Please pray for me. I do not know what will happen until the next time I write. Thank you all for listening and not pushing me away because I am young and stupid. I am stupid – they tell me that all the time.

I must go and try to work it all out. Hope to talk to you soon.

If you know anything about my country and where I might be safe getting to and living there, Please, Please, let me know. I am willing to do any work that is wanted for my keep.

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