My Morning Take on Going Deep

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I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, walked my dog, made my tea and opened my computer to check emails. That’s my routine. But this morning was different. Instead of emails, I decided to play solitaire online. I never did that before.
I was about half-way through the game when the word ‘Uncover’ flashed through my head. If I didn’t uncover the cards hiding underneath the ones staring at me, I couldn’t win.
But that was not all of it, not the essence of it.
I had also been thinking about getting back to my next book, my memoir which is partly written and patiently waiting for me. That was where I needed the word ‘Uncover” to fit.
Uncover the past, the hurts, the good times, the truth of my childhood, the truth of my journey to wholeness. How it happened, and why things happened as they did.
It’s the digging deep of uncovering my life and the slow process of change as the development of recalling all that happened begins to bring clarity and truth. My truth, my understanding of how every incident, good and bad, happened for a reason – to teach me something or move me on to the next step.
This is an amazing process, this digging as deep as I can, and the reward? I can release it all to the page and feel cleaner. Feel new again and be ready for the changes to come and the understandings yet to reveal themselves.


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