What I Read at my Great-Grandson’s Naming Ceremony almost one year ago

Latest Noah

We wish for you to be a 

    person of character

    strong but not tough,

    gentle but not weak.

We wish for you to be righteous

    but not self-righteous

    honest but not unforgiving.

Whenever you journey may your steps be firm

    and may you walk in just paths

            and not be afraid.

Whenever you speak, may your words

    be words of wisdom and friendship.

            May your hand build

and your heart preserve what is good

          and beautiful in the world.

May voices of the generations of our people

           move through you

   and may the God of our ancestors

           be your god as well.

       We love you very much.

Noah laughs and laughs and laughs. He will be One Year Old on April 10.


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