Random Thoughts I wrote Long Ago

  1. The Temple of Isis is a temple of gold where we heal with sound and light. We pray to God for one and all in the hope we make things right.

2. I cook, clean and sweat all day. I’m only fourteen but there’s no time to play. I have no rights, I must obey or I will be beaten and sent away. Who am I and why am I here. What is it I am to do? Why can’t I speak up, why can’t I be heard, I am a person, too.

3. On the Versailles balcony looking over the formal gardens I sit and play I line up my toy soldiers, then knock them down as my nurse watches a blue jay. As part of the royal court I have many restrictions and must watch what I do. I can’t run or jump or yell, or sing as loud as the bell from the church across the way. But I’ve been told I will be running the country one day.

4. Father Guido prays in his own way to help right some of the wrongs as Isis’s vibrations fill the air with color and light and songs. People come here wanting to be healed, they bring their cares and woes. They beat on their chests just like the animals do and tell me of all their foes. I’m a man of God but still just a man and they ask so much of me. Who am I? Not what they see. I can only be who I can be.

Star, the best dog ever!

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