This is not the usual kind of post I send. However there are so many people out there who have to deal with this problem whether it is from the user or their loved ones. I hope this poem can be of some help to just beginning to tackle addiction.

Should you have an addict friend

Some sage advice I’ll gladly lend:

They’ll plea for poison with all their might,

Keep helping hand far out of sight.

They have a problem they’ll deny,

And your aloofness they’ll decry;

Stay focused but still be their friend,

Contribute not to a sad end.

Addiction’s very hard to break,

So understand a life’s at stake;

Encourage rehab so they might mend,

But enable not or you’re no friend.

Be not judgmental and plainly see

But for God’s good grace could goest ye;

So clearly, plainly understand

Do nor extend an enabling hand.!

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