Which Voice Do You Use?

and why? Taken from a women’s group.

J Speaks in a slightly stoned speech pattern – level, no highs or lows in speech or speed. Tried to explain thoughts but never sure. Finishes with “it’s hard to explain.”

S very high-pitched, not confident, always questioning, insecure.

C Hight-pitched baby talk (how I talk to my dog).

SD Self-denigrating, mean internally, emotionless.

SA Soothing, appreciative, calm, not patronizing, positive.

P Confident, leader, outgoing, gets others to do things, comfortable.

B Cut and dried, curt, short but not snotty, absorbs everything said without saying much.

SP Pleasant, sponge-like, takes it in, feels out the crowd until comfortable, chit-chats, on the surface.

RV Comfortable pitch/tone/speed, even paced, authentic voice.

ST Short, Monotone, never agrees/disagrees, there and just fine.

Do you use a particular because you think you’re supposed to? What voice do you use and when? Do you like it or not? Want to change it? How do you feel when you use that voice?

Stay tuned in, there’s more to come. And please leave your thoughts in the comment box. Maybe I can help!

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