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I have PTSD. Help

What was the outcome?  PTSD from a car incident where the only thing that got hurt was the car? Many years ago it was called shell shock for men and hysteria for women. Can you imagine? Hysteria was the best they could come up with. How does it interfere with my life? PTSD is a […]

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Do I Live or Die?

I decided to take a longer summer vacation than usual, three whole months away from the tropical rains in Florida that give me horrific headaches. The trip was well-planned. For the first two months, I’d visit my son and his wife at their new home in Hamden, Connecticut, the farthest destination. Then spend one month in a house my brother and his wife rented in […]

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Swimming with Stingrays

I just got back home from a cruise to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It’s great to get home and feel relaxed and ready to tackle all the social media. One of the tours they offered was to Grand Cayman where we were invited to swim with the stingrays. At first I looked at where I […]

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