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I am so sorry but the many moons that past were our time to shear all the sheep and get their fleece ready to barter. That meant my working all day and into the evenings.

I am used to that. What I am not happy about is not being able to play my harp and sing. Can you believe that Abba gave me the harp and now they don’t let me play it? Abba says it’s a waste of time when there is so much to do.

I love to play Grandma’s harp. I am not sure of why it is so important to me but every time I play, it makes me feel better. It even calms down the horrible bad feelings I have so often. I wish they would go away, but they have been with me since I was a little girl.

It is not right to do, but when I can I will grab the harp and run somewhere to strum. Otherwise it is just something that lies between my sleep mat and the wall of the tent.

Am I being a horrible and terrible person? What do you think? I was just wondering.

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